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“Galatopita” (milk pie) of Sithonia flavored with loquat liqueur

• yoghurt (300gr)
• olive oil (300gr)
• eggs (5)
• sugar (200gr)
• vanilla extract
• baking powder
• loquat liqueur
                                                                   • 1 packet phyllo dough
For the syrup
• 800gr sugar
• 800gr water
• lemon juice

Roll out the phyllo sheets, fold every second one and place them in the pan.
Mix together all the ingredients and pour the mixture over.
Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.
Boil the syrup and pour it over the sweet.

Kids’ participation
It is suggested, always at the discretion of the parent or responsible adults and depending on the kid’s age, that children participate by rolling out the phyllo sheets and pour inside the filling.

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